Queen Elizabeth's peanut police fury

By Kirstin Buick
17 December 2013

Queen Elizabeth was reportedly left "furious" once when she discovered peanuts left out for her at Buckingham Palace had been eaten by police officers working at the residence.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth was once reportedly "furious" about police eating peanuts left out for her in Buckingham Palace.

The British monarch was allegedly angry that officers stationed inside her home in the lead-up to Prince Charles' wedding to Duchess Camilla in 2005 had been helping themselves to savoury treats which were placed around the palace for her to enjoy as she often has a craving for peanuts and other snacks.

The revelation was made in the ongoing phone-hacking trial of former News of the World royal editor Clive Goodman, who noted the queen's fury in an email to his editor, Andy Coulson.

He wrote: "Queen furious about police stealing bowls of nuts and nibbles left out for her in the BP/Queen's corridor. She has a very savoury tooth and staff leave out cashews, Bombay Mix almonds etc. (sic)"

It appears the 87-year-old monarch even resorted to measuring the peanuts placed in the bowls so she would be aware when some had been taken.

The email continued: "She started marking the bowls to see when the levels dipped.

"Probl is that police on patrol eat the lot ... Memo now gone around to all palace cops telling them to keep their sticky fingers out. (sic)"

- Bang Showbiz

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