Queen Latifah: I love being naked!

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21 August 2015

Queen Latifah's friends call her 'naked girl'.

The 45-year-old actress shot her first ever nude scene for film Bessie, a biopic about late blues singer Bessie Smith. While many would be daunted at the thought of stripping down in front of people, Latifah didn't have a care in the world.

"My friends call me naked girl. You know what? I don't need clothes. I'm just one of those people who, you know, when you come home you just take everything off. Like, go to the bathroom naked, you know you go to the bathroom and just take everything off," she grinned to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "I was one of those kids that... it's when I knew I was a girl and I was kind of upset about it because I loved having my shirt off as a kid, you know? I would have no clothes on and one of my father's hats, it was my look. I was a hat girl, I'm not a clothes person I guess."

'I'm not a clothes person I guess'

With so much confidence and a powerful presence on screen, it's no surprise the star felt comfortable bearing all. And considering she produced the movie as well the scene didn't come as a shock to Latifah, but she did trick people into thinking she wasn't happy about it.

"Definitely knew about it going into the film, it was always part of it. I mean I would crack jokes with the director sometimes and say... 'Cause she had this image on the wall of what she wanted the scene to look like - Dee Rees - and so I'd come into the office to rehearse or discuss something and I'd say, 'You sure you still want to do this? Do you really need to do that scene?' But I was just messing with her. I always knew it would be part it," the actress added.

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