Queen’s ‘big announcement’: one is not going anywhere

04 May 2017

One of the Royals will retire this year.

Speculation was rife after Queen Elizabeth had called for a meeting of all the members of her household to make an important announcement. Was this the day, the royal-watching world wondered? Would she finally be announcing she was stepping down and handing the crown to her son, Charles? Not a bit of it. Her husband, Prince Philip, is the one who is retiring from public service – and at the age of, 95 who can blame him. The Queen ( 91) however, seems set to be monarch for life. The announcement was made from the Buckingham Palace on Thursday morning.

According to Daily Mail, the staff would have been addressed by the most senior official, Lord Chamberlain of the royal house, as well as the queen’s private secretary, Sir Christopher Geidt.

Although Prince Philip will step down from all royal duties, he will continue to attend public engagements until August. The Prince is set to celebrate his 96th birthday in June.

According to the press release, Prince Philip has the full support of the Queen in this decision. While the world waited with bated breath for the announcement, some saw the humour in this unusual situation.  


Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun.co.uk, Express.co.uk

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