R7,2 million for a parking spot

By Petro-Anne Vlok
16 February 2014

Britain’s most expensive parking spot recently went on sale for R7, 2 million

Limited parking is the bane of urbanites, but would you fork out R 7, 2 million just to secure a parking spot in the city?

Britain’s most expensive parking space recently went on sale for a staggering £ 400 000 (R 7, 2 million).

The exclusive underground parking in London’s Kensington area can fit two cars. The cost might have “normal” people raising their eyebrows, but Kengsington residents could probably afford it. Property prices in the posh area average R 41, 4 million (£ 2, 3 million)

The agency responsible of the sale, Hobart Slater, say they’ve already had plenty of interested in the parking spot.

SOURCES: autoexpress.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk,

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