Rachel McAdams: Fear made me sleep with knives

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18 July 2015

Rachel McAdams was forced to sleep with a Swiss Army Knife during a scary trip to Costa Rica.

The Canadian actress seized the opportunity to travel as soon as she was 18 and has taken in sights all over the world.

However after landing in Costa Rica and being dropped off in the rainforest, Rachel was informed the hotel she was meant to be staying in had burnt down. The place she ended up in wasn't exactly the highlight of her holiday.

'There was a cold shower and guys pounding on my door all night'

"There was a cold shower and guys pounding on my door all night. I slept with my Swiss Army Knife in my hand, thinking: 'I’m going home tomorrow!'" she recalled to British magazine Stylist. "Of course, things always seem worse in the night. Dawn broke and I thought I’d keep forging ahead.

"I was terrified and lonely. I’ve actually never talked about this before. You see incredible things and there was no-one to share them with. But I think it gave me a bit of chutzpah and ended up being one of the best things I’ve ever done. It taught me I could survive on very little too."

The 36-year-old has overcome obstacles in her professional life too. While she has plenty of hits under her belt with movies like Mean Girls, The Notebook and TV show True Detective, recent romcom Aloha flopped.

Co-starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Bill Murray, critics panned the flick, calling it Oscar-winner Cameron Crowe's worst ever film.

"What I find frustrating, and what I’ve come to find peace with, is that the end product never reflects the journey of making the film. Whenever you put your heart into something, you want it to resonate. It’s unfortunate but I had the time of my life working in Hawaii so I’m just going to take that all the way to the bank," she giggled.

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