Ready for the royal baby

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10 July 2013

Our royal blogger gives us a rundown of the protocol and traditions around the announcement of a royal birth as the world awaits Baby C’s arrival.

With Catherine lying low and Prince William still saving lives, it’s now a case of shifting around impatiently at your computer or nervously flicking through Twitter on your cellphone.

Photographers have set up their chairs in front of the Lindo Wing of the St Mary Hospital and the only thing missing is a Bobby on the steps – then we’d know Catherine has been admitted.

It’s generally expected that Catherine’s mom will arrive at the hospital with her because William is still on duty at Anglesey as a rescue pilot. Catherine is either with her parents in Berkshire or at her and William’s cottage within the Kensington Palace complex.

Until a week ago Catherine was keeping an eye on the building and restoration work to their new home in Kensington Palace, the same place where princess Margaret, youngest sister of Queen Elizabeth, lived.

That Catherine has chosen to stay out of the spotlight is no surprise; few heavily pregnant woman feel good being photographed with such a frenzy in the last days of her pregnancy. And with the British and world media in a state of excitement over the new prince or princess, Catherine is probably beset by nerves.

The palace is trying hard to maintain the traditions that go with the announcement of a royal birth. The official announcement will be made at Buckingham Palace; a board with a sheet of paper on it giving details about the baby will be carried to the palace gates by palace officials. (The sheet of paper will be driven from the Lindo Wing to the palace). The Palace will also make the happy news known on social networks.

Of course, we’ll all have to wait until Queen Elizabeth has been informed of the birth. Sources have it that if the birth takes place in the middle of the night the Queen won’t be woken. I can hardly believe it! Surely any granny would want to be informed immediately of the birth of a new bundle of joy! But that said, it has been reported that William has been given a special cellphone with which to call the Queen with the glad tidings (no hacker will be able to penetrate this signal).

Then naturally – as if there wasn’t enough of a hoo-ha – a 41-gun salute will be fired from Hyde Park. After all, a successor to the crown will have been born.

Royals don’t usually stay in hospital long after a birth. So expect to see Prince William and Catherine on the steps of the Lindo Wing a day after the birth.

Then it will be time for the Cambridges to get to know their baby.

- Arlene Prinsloo

Arlene Prinsloo is an ardent royalist and national content coordinator at Digital News: Media24 News

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