Ready to pop! DJ Fix is positively radiant in adorable snaps from her baby shower

By Shanaaz Prince
11 May 2017

5FM's DJ Fix is almost ready to be a mom, but while she waits for the arrival of her little bundle in blue, family and friends gathered to throw her a beautiful baby shower

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the little bundle of joy to make his appearance -- especially mom-to-be, DJ Fix!

5FM DJ Fikile Moeti is expecting a son with her hubby of four months, Orrock Robertsen.

The glowing star took to Instagram to share her excitement.

"I am very blessed to have had a good pregnancy and truly salute ? all mothers out there," she wrote. 'It's such a privilege to officially become a mother!Namaste Ps: baby fix still comfortably baking in the oven with no intention of leaving."

This weekend, close friends and family of the pair got together to host a baby shower to celebrate the tot's imminet arrival.

Here's a look at pics from the big day:

There were plenty of yummy treats, including a dreamcatcher cake and cupcakes! PHOTO: Facebook There were plenty of yummy treats including dreamcatcher cake and cupcakes PHOTO: Facebook

Enroute to baby shower

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My outfit for the next two months

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Walking into my baby shower like I just arrived on The Ellen Show A post shared by Fixsacious (@fixsacious) on


Getting a gift from this young G #BabyCousinLove #LittleZipho #Fam

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