Real hamburger meat patties

By admin
20 January 2012

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 10-15 minutes

500 g beef mince

1 egg, whisked

1 slice white bread, crumbed

100 ml milk

salt and freshly ground black pepper

10 ml (2 t) Worcester sauce

60 ml (¼ c) finely chopped fresh parsley


20 ml butter

50 ml olive oil

4 large brown mushrooms

4 bread rolls, halved

40 ml mayonnaise

fresh lettuce

1 onion, sliced into thick rings

2 ripe tomatoes, sliced

100 g mature Cheddar cheese, grated

gherkins and potato chips


Mix the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts and shape into patties.

Use a measuring cup or metal mould to make them the same size.



Heat the butter and about 15 ml (1 T) of the olive oil and fry the mushrooms until soft.

Spread the bread rolls with a little mayonnaise and top with lettuce, mushrooms, onion and tomatoes.

Preheat the oven grill. Heat the remaining oil and fry the patties until medium done or to your taste.

Put them on a baking sheet and scatter a little cheese over each patty.

Heat under the grill until the cheese melts slightly.

Put the patties on the rolls and serve with gherkins and potato chips.

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