Really, Brit, is that your church dress?

By Kirstin Buick
08 August 2013

Our Celeb Junkie blogger is a little concerned about Britney Spears’ idea of church attire.

Call us conservative, but is this really a church outfit? Britney Spears wore a skintight dress (which at times threatened to reveal her butt) paired with a pair of thigh-high stripper boots as she made her way to a Sunday service with her boyfriend, David Lucado.

The question is, why? Surely as a gal raised in America’s Deep South, aka the Bible Belt, she knows better than to dress like this? Perhaps the singer is just pushing boundaries again. Remember her Catholic schoolgirl gone wrong getup in the music video for her breakout hit, Baby One More Time.

But if you’re going to push boundaries, at least go for something edgy and fashion forward! A long-sleeved turtleneck dress is not exactly a fashion high. Come on, Brit, you’ve been on a good run for a while now - leave the skin-baring stuff to the stage or the confines of your own home. We’ll even put in a prayer for a stylist for you.

-       Nici de Wet

Picture: Pan Media

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