Rebel Wilson: My smooch was too hot!

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05 May 2015

Rebel Wilson's big make-out scene in Pitch Perfect 2 had to be cut.

The Australian actress is back as her on-screen alter ego Fat Amy in the follow up the original 2012 film.

This time around she manages to bag a love interest in the form of Adam DeVine, but some of their romantic scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.

'A lot of the making out and rolling around on the ground had to be cut'

"A fun fact about that make-out sequence is that they noticed, after filming it, that my pants were actually a bit see-through," Rebel laughed at a press conference.

"[As a result] a lot of the making out and rolling around on the ground had to be cut... because you could see my underwear through the see-through pants.

"[We were disappointed because] we were going for an MTV Award Best Kiss. It's all about the trophies!"

The scene actually required about seven minutes of making out. Luckily it wasn't awkward to lock lips with Adam, as the pair had previously worked together on TV show Workaholics.

"Actually, before you'd seen us in Pitch Perfect, I'd had a cameo on his show Workaholics. I didn't even know him, but the very first scene we did, we made-out and he felt me up.

"[The two have] always had this strange chemistry," she said of the Pitch Perfect characters.

She added that the romance plotline was "really cool".

Pitch Perfect 2 also stars original cast members Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Elizabeth Banks, as well as franchise newcomer Hailee Steinfeld. It begins hitting cinemas from May 7.

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