Recipe: Beer casserole

By admin
22 June 2010

Put the casserole in the oven and forget about it. Delicious!

Serves 4

Preparation time: 10 min

Cooking time: 1½-2 hours

Cooking method: casseroled


1 kg deboned stewing meat such as bolo or neck, cubed

seasoned cake flour

oil for frying

2 onions, chopped

4 cloves garlic, crushed

500 ml (2 c) heated beef stock

375 ml (1½ c) beer

2 bay leaves

80 ml (?  c) green olives

15 ml (1 t) grated lemon zest


4 anchovies

30 ml (2 T) capers, patted dry

chopped parsley

Preheat the oven to 160 °C.


Roll the meat cubes in the flour. Heat a little oil in a casserole and stir-fry the onions and garlic until just soft. Add the meat cubes in batches and brown them. Mix the stock and beer and pour the mixture over the meat in the casserole. Add the bay leaves, cover and put the casserole in the oven. Cook for 1½-2 hours or until the meat is tender. Add the olives and lemon zest 30 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

TO SPRINKLE ON TOP Fry the anchovies in a little heated oil until they begin to dissolve. Add the capers and fry for about 4 minutes. Sprinkle the anchovy mixture and parsley over the casserole and serve with mashed potatoes.

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