Reckless driving backfires for furious BMW driver in Durban in shocking road rage video

By Litaletu Zidepa
12 February 2016

How’s that for a little CARma?

An enraged BMW driver got a taste of his own medicine while trying to force a VW Polo out of his lane.

Footage of the hair-raising road rage incident surfaced on the internet in January 2016, and has since gone viral online.

It's unclear what happened before the two cars come into view, but the dashcam video taken by a motorist behind the cars shows the BMW X5 driver trying to swerve into the Polo.

Update: Listen to an interview with the VW driver here

The driver of the BMW appears to want the silver Polo to change into the middle lane, but loses control in the heated moment of the rage.

The cars come a hairsbreadth from colliding, before the BMW driver overcorrects and goes careering off the road.

"BMW X 5 driver committing road rage incident suffers Instant Karma!" YouTuber Ivan Leon captioned the footage, which has now been viewed over 1,5 million times.

Fortunately, it appears that no one was hurt.

Sources: MailOnline, Mashable

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