'Remorseless' twins jailed for life for killing 80-year-old man

By News24 Wire
31 March 2017

A pair of identical twins who murdered an 80-year-old man in his Wellington home have been sentenced to life behind bars, by the Western Cape High Court on Friday.

Edwin and Edwill Williams – dressed in matching navy blue striped jerseys – appeared expressionless when Acting Judge Janet McCurdie sentenced them to life, 25 years each, for the murder of Yaseen Nichols and 15 years each for robbing him.

The sentences would run concurrently.

Last month, the court found the 29-year-old siblings guilty of robbing and killing Nichols in his home. He was found fully-clothed, face down on his bed, under a duvet, on the morning of May 8, 2014.

He had been suffocated or strangled and had blunt-force injuries.

The twins stole R217 in cash, a travel case, two cameras, a cordless telephone, two pairs of spectacles, clothing, body lotion, a Sassa card, driver’s licence, and a passport.

Two people involved in killing

After Nichols failed to do his early morning gardening, a neighbour went over and found a broken cup and spilled coffee at the locked back door.

The pair’s DNA matched that found under Nichols's fingernails.

A forensic pathologist said Nichols had died a slow death.

McCurdie said the bruising on the elderly man’s body showed two people were involved in killing him; one would have held Nichols down and the second would have "conducted the manual strangulation".

They were convicted of murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances. McCurdie said the twins showed no remorse for the serious crimes.

The men, both with a child each, had not been supporting their children financially and had not given exceptional reasons why their sentences should be reduced.

Both had previous convictions for theft, possession of drugs, and rape.

Source: News24

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