Reporter tests stab-proof vest on live TV and instantly regrets it

By Samantha Luiz
08 January 2016

An Israeli journalist was accidentally stabbed while testing out a protective vest on live TV.

Eitam Lachover, from Israel's Channel 1, was doing a piece on the protective gear when he decided to test it out.

"I am responsible for you safety and if something happens I will take care of you," the demonstrator tells him in the video.

'The reporter was stabbed slightly above the vest'

But the demonstration soon backfired when the knife penetrated the vest.

In response, the manufacturing company, FMS Enterprises, denied the knife penetrated the vest.

"The reporter moved during the demonstration, and the ‘stabber’ missed the vest. The reporter was stabbed slightly above the vest," said FMS Enterprisesin a statement.

"Our material has been tested in laboratories all over the world, and was found to have met the most stringent standards - far beyond the stabbing ability of a human being."

Fortunately, Eitam escaped with a "superficial wound."

"Superficial stab, some stitches and was released back home," he tweeted in Hebrew. "Thanks to everyone who expressed concern!"


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