Resealable bags key to cutting out snacking

11 July 2017

A simple resealable bag is enough to stop people from going back to unhealthy treats.

Storing tempting foods in resealable bags is the key to cutting back on snacking, researchers claim.

It can be tempting to finish a big pack of biscuits or crisps once opened rather than leaving them open in the fridge or cupboard, but according to experts at the University of Ghent in Belgium, a simple resealable bag is enough to stop people from going back to unhealthy treats.

To come to their conclusions, the team carried out various tests on the bags, with one involving giving grocery shoppers a huge bag of Skittles and monitoring how much they ate as they walked around the store. Half were given a packet that wouldn’t close once opened while the rest were given resealable bags.

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Another study saw cinemagoers receive jelly beans in both packagings, while another assessment analysed volunteers’ eating habits over six days, involving snacks from open or sealable packets.

The results of all the tests, which were published in the journal Appetite, found unhealthy foods that were able to be stored away had a major impact on how much people ate. Less food was consumed from resealable packs even when people went back for more compared to those who tucked into open bags.

“Portion control is one of the most important ingredients for maintaining a healthy weight,” psychologists commented on the findings.

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“Supersized portions are the norm and consumers struggle to self-regulate their consumption of palatable, energy-dense foods.

“Choosing a resealable package might increase their ability to regulate what they eat without them feeling forced to do so.”

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