Restaurant wants to ban ‘small, screaming children’

By admin
20 April 2015

A restaurant in Nova Scotia, Canada, has upset its patrons by posting a notice saying it will no longer serve “small screaming children”.

The Lobster Pound and Moore posted the notice to their Facebook account, but has since deleted it.

After a sever backlash and mixed reactions to their post, the restaurant again took to Facebook to defend their decision.

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“First,my apologies for my previous post.I chose the wrong words to convey a message I didn't want. I love kids and would have them if I could. I shouldnt have used the word screaming but should have said something like " Lil diners having a moment".”(sic) the owner wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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However, many were quick to defend the restaurant and applauded its decision to exclude misbehaving children.

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