Rethink dire diets

By admin
29 December 2014

When embarking on a diet, you probably have some preconceived ideas about which foodie 'sins' to avoid. These aren't so bad.

When embarking on a diet, you probably have some preconceived ideas about which foodie 'sins' to avoid. And while you can't argue with some, there are others you don't need to mourn for quite yet. Read on to see which diet baddies could be making a return to your dinner plate.


When you speak to a dieting friend or read interviews with super-slim celebrities, they will more often than not preach about cutting out the carbs. But that doesn't mean never buying bread again - just be picky when it comes to which kind. A whole grain loaf is packed with nutrients and provides you with fibre. So don't feel bad about incorporating seeded brown bread into your diet in smaller quantities.

Peanut butter

That nutty, buttery goodness just has to be bad for you right...? Well, sort of. But past research actually found that people who eat the spread every day have healthier overall diets. It is high in fat - but healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils. There's also protein, vitamin E and folic acid packed into peanut butter. Hunt for natural versions in health food stores and spread thinly and you can enjoy all the taste with none of the guilt.

Cow's milk

People are switching cow's milk for almond, coconut and soya varieties everywhere you look. But is it really beneficial? Unless dairy is a real dietary problem for you, probably not. Cow's milk has 8g of protein per cup, while the other varieties normally only have 1g. It's also packed with vitamin D and calcium.


When you're on a diet and going out for drinks with friends it can seem like a minefield. Is vodka soda really the only thing you can have? Surprisingly, beer isn't as bad as you might think. It's free of fat and cholesterol, but contains iron, calcium, folic acid and antioxidants. Moderate beer drinking (one glass a day for women, two for men) could even lower the risk of heart disease.

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