Review: Leon Schuster's new movie

By admin
01 June 2010

What’s it about?

A tour guide takes a group of foreigners on a trip around Cape Town and uses comic scenarios to show them how to survive in South Africa.

Who will enjoy it?

This is a Leon Schuster flick for people who don’t like Leon Schuster flicks. You’ll find yourself laughing despite yourself – there are some hysterically funny (but also cruel!) scenes. To Schuster no one’s a sacred cow–not even himself – and for this he deserves praise. With this film he shows he can also poke fun at himself and take the same comic punishment he dishes out to others. At a time when it seems there’s nothing left to laugh about in this mixed-up, chaotic country Schuster shows us the funny, absurd side of our community. Some scenes – such as the one with the corpse in a taxi–may seem cruel but the squatters setting up shacks in Sea Point and the traffic cop pulling people over are Schuster at his best.

Wait for DVD?

This movie is being released at just the right time – if you have foreigners staying with you kidnap them if you must but make sure they get to see Schuster doing what he does best. He comments on the absurdities of life in South

Africa – for instance when he warns prospective tourists to bring their own electricity and they believe him! And at a time when we’re no longer laughing at Julius Malema’s escapades Schuster sends him and his F inwoodwork skyhigh

withamusical number that will have you rolling in the aisles. Even if on principle you don’t want to see a Schuster flick this one is guaranteed to bring wonderful relief to your stressed-out South African nerves. Recommended.

Similar films

There’s a Zulu on My Stoep, Mama Jack, Mr Bones 1 and 2.

Popcorn fact

Leon Schuster has made only one Afrikaans film; all the others have been in English.

Schuks Tshabalala’s Survival Guide to SA 2010

Our rating: 3/5

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