Rhythm City star threatens fan for reporting topless pics

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21 October 2016

Ntando Duma is not impressed.

Ntando Duma has threatened an Instagram fan for reporting topless pictures of her at a traditional tribal ceremony.

The Rhythm City actress posted snaps from her Zulu Umemulo, a coming-of-age ceremony.

At the ceremony, which took place in Orange Farm in Gauteng, Ntando's wearing only a loincloth, a necklace and jewellery.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

But after one of her followers reported the snaps to Instagram – who has a no-nipple policy –  and administrators removed them for breaching the platform's decency rules.

Furious Ntando later posted a censored version of the snap (with her sister Thando) and captioning it, "This is not nudity, it's culture!"

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

"Ningazos'dina (don't p*ss me off). Report it again, ngizokuLoya (and I will bewitch you)."

The ceremony is held so that Zulu girls can be declared ready to become brides.

After a night of traditional dancing, a cow is ritually slaughtered and the women are presented with a spear to show their strength and money is pinned to their clothes.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

The ban also angered the star's fans.

"Whoever reported the picture of Ntando Duma and her sister is plain stupid," one Twitter user wrote.

Ntando responded with, "People are so petty."

–  Magazine Features

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