Richard Madden on his Cinderella role

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30 March 2015

Richard Madden's Game of Thrones horse-riding skills came in handy for Cinderella.

The Scottish star is currently gracing cinema screens as Prince Kit in the latest telling of the classic fairytale.

Playing someone of nobility wasn't too much of a stretch for Richard, as he inhabited the role of Robb Stark, who becomes King of the North, in hit fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

'I did play soldiers, and he's one of them'

"In terms of Robb Stark, I mean, yeah, there's horse riding and sword fighting and stuff like that," Richard told Cover Media. "And I suppose one of the parallels with Prince Kit is this sense of responsibility being thrust on you, [which] you've not asked for... I think that's something I could relate [to with] the two of them. That's a really strange, unique position to be in - royalty is where you have no choice over what your duties are."

Despite his regal roles, Richard wasn't interested in playing a prince when he was a youngster. He did however like pretending to be a soldier.

"I didn't really think about wanting to be a prince when I was a kid. I did play soldiers, and he's one of them!" he smiled.

The movie also stars Lily James, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter. Veteran British actor Derek Jacobi plays Prince Kit's father, and Richard had to tone down his Scottish brogue to fit in with Derek's voice.

"The accent I obviously had to tie to Derek, and I don't know... If I'd have been Scottish, it would have been a bit of a statement of where the kingdom was I think. It was much better to do that and it worked a lot better I think," he said.

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