Rihanna: 'The challenge is being a credible celebrity designer'

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18 February 2016

Rihanna knows there are disadvantages to being a celebrity fashion designer.

Rihanna knows there are disadvantages to being a celebrity fashion designer.

The 27-year-old singer first began her fashion career back in 2011 and presented her Fenty Puma by Rihanna collection at New York Fashion Week on Friday.

While her offerings have so far been a success, Rihanna knows there are ups and downs to being a singer first and a designer second.

"There are advantages and disadvantages. With the disadvantages, a lot of times celebrities don’t get looked at as credible when it comes to the fashion world, so I am coming into this in a very humble manner," she explained. "And I just think that I do have a broad fan base that I can expose to the work that I create, but it’s up them to love it. So the advantage is getting the eyes on what I want to do. The challenge is it being credible.”

Rihanna has always been known for pushing the boat out when it comes to what she wears on stage. So getting the chance to turn her eye to creating clothes for other people is something she jumped at.

"I think design is a part of being creative," she told The Associated Press prior to Friday's show. "I enjoy creating and expressing the crazy things going on in my mind through something that people can see and that is tangible. That is the best part, being able to express yourself.

"Fashion to me was just one of those things that came naturally. I enjoy discovering it - all the different styles, finishes, fabrics, silhouettes. It's not easy, but it doesn't feel like work."

Rihanna has previously teamed up on collections with brands including Armani, River Island and Stance.

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