Ring finger blues

By admin
29 April 2011

The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge narrowly avoided disaster during the wedding, currently underway at Westminster Abbey in London – when Prince William needed to force Kate Middleton’s wedding ringer over her finger’s third knuckle.

The world’s 2-billion strong TV audience held it’s breath as the skin on her finger bunched up, while needed to use his soldier’s strength to force the gold wedding band into place.

But, the effort was worth it, as the ring popped into place, as William recited the words, “With this ring, I thee wed…”

Their relief was evident, but calmly the couple moved on.

The couple have been pronounced husband and wife but ended months of speculation about whether or not they would kiss in the abbey by keeping a comfortable distance from each other as they took their seats as a husband and wife.

They are currently smiling at each other from their seats at the abbey’s altar, as the wedding ceremony starts to draw to a close.

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