RIP Alyce Chavunduka

By admin
08 January 2014

News anchor and TV presenter Alyce Chavunduka passed away on Sunday, at the age of 46. She apparently suffered from an epileptic seizure at her home.

Chavunduka made history by becoming the first black female news anchor on SABC at the tender age of 23.

She also appeared in two films as herself. In 1992 she was a news reader in Sweet n’ Short and again a news anchor in the 2004 flick In my Country.

Tributes from former colleagues and media industry insiders have been pouring in. The Zimbabwean-born personality was always seen as a consummate professional.


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder which affects the nervous system. Once a person has two or more seizures not caused by another known condition, epilepsy is usually the diagnosis. It is also known as a seizure disorder.

WHAT TO DO WHEN TREATING A SEIZURE lists these 10 essential steps for when treating someone who is having a seizure.

-          Stay calm

-          Prevent injury

-          Pay attention to the length of the seizure

-          Make the person as comfortable as possible

-          Keep onlookers away

-          Do not hold the person down

-          Do not put anything in the persons mouth

-          Do not give the person water,pills or food

-          If the seizure lasts for longer than five minutes call an ambulance

-          Keep everybody around you calm

- Jessica Levitt

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