Rita Ora: Cutting out alcohol makes me feel like a superhero

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22 November 2015

Singer Rita Ora feels like a superhero when she cuts out alcohol and watches her diet.

The 24-year-old regularly puts her enviable figure on display in skimpy stage outfits and designer red carpet gowns but the star insists she has to work hard to maintain her body.

As well as juggling her commitments as a judge on the current series of UK talent show the X Factor, Rita is still busy promoting her music and admits she feels most comfortable when she is performing.

'I feel my strongest onstage'

“I feel my strongest onstage,” she told SELF magazine. “I still, to this day, do not know anything better. When I’ve been really good with my body – no alcohol, no late nights, watching my diet, drinking water … I start feeling like a superhero!”

Her hectic work schedule takes Rita from country to country every couple of days and it can play havoc with her sleep patterns, but Rita does her best to make sure she gets as much shut-eye as possible.

“I’ve never been more grateful for sleep than I am at this point,” she added. “I used to hate it. It took a lot to mentally calm me down. But now I travel with a candle and a little lavender pillow.”

While Rita watches what she eats and drinks as much as possible, she told the publication that it's still important for her to cut loose and have a bit of fun from time to time.

"Obviously, I’m like any other 20-something – I like to have a drink after my show and things like that, but it’s in moderation,” she said. “It’s one of those things where the band goes out later and gets hammered, and you’ve got to be the one who just goes to bed. It’s like you’re an athlete. I'm not running a marathon, but I’m doing it in my own way. You really have to take care of your body so you can survive.”

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