Rita Ora: I don't talk to my exes

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26 June 2015

Rita Ora hasn't been able to stay friends with any of her ex-boyfriends.

Rita Ora hasn't been able to stay friends with any of her ex-boyfriends.

The 24-year-old singer has had high-profile breakups from Rob Kardashian and Calvin Harris. Neither relationship ended well, with Rob publicly accusing Rita of cheating and Calvin apparently banning her from using any of the music they made together after their split.

She's now moved on with Ricky Hilfiger, and Rita is happy to leave the past behind her.

'There is a possibility you can be friends'

"There is a possibility you can be friends, but it's very rare in my opinion because you're always going to have that backbone and undertone of what happened," she told the Kyle & Jackie O radio show on KIIS 106.5.

"Some people can do that, I haven't experienced it yet."

Rita touches on the subject of her love life in her latest track Poison, which is from her upcoming second album. It was thought the record would be available earlier this year, but reportedly due to Calvin's decision not to let some songs be made public, it will now be out in the autumn.

"It was the last song I recorded for the new album which comes out in September," Rita said of Poison. "It's about all the exes I've had in my life, all rolled into one, and admitting that at 24 it's OK to have failed relationships and it be poisonous and things like that. It's just how I felt as a person."

This is the latest time the star has opened up about her love life over the last couple of weeks. She told Hunger TV some of her romances ended because she was too intimidating, and recently spoke about Calvin specifically to Marie Claire magazine. Rita said she was "in awe" of him when they were together and thought he "had her back" but after they worked on I Will Never Let You Down, things went "weird" and eventually fell apart.

She's now happy with Ricky though and her professional life is also booming. She's moved from the UK version of The Voice to The X Factor, which is shown on a different channel in Britain, and has explained why she made that decision.

"It's all about timing. With the record coming out at the end of the year you have to make decisions for your own career," she said. "It's just about helping people to tell you the truth."

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