Rita Ora's mom is obsessed with selfies

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01 April 2014

Rita Ora's mum was too busy taking 'selfies' on Mother's Day during a spa trip to pay attention to her.

Rita Ora's mom was too busy taking 'selfies' on Mother's Day in the UK to pay attention to her.

The 23-year-old star and her sister Elena bought their mother, Vera, a Spa package but joked she didn't spend much quality time with them because she was too busy updating her Instagram account.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, she said: "We went to the Spa and she didn't pay any attention to me, she just was on Instagram like taking pictures of herself in the spa ... making selfies. Me and my sister were like, 'OK, great, we have this mother package and you're not even enjoying family time'.

"It came with lunch, massage [and a] facial, which by the way, I passed out [during], because I was really tired. I didn't even remember her giving me a facial or a massage.

"I don't even think she did anything. I just woke up and was really moisturised, I felt like, 'Did I just get conned because I passed out?"

Rita had posted a photograph of her mum on Instagram on Sunday, who was preoccupied on her mobile phone, along with the caption: "Spa day with mama and she's so interested she's on her phone....great. Hello??!!! (sic)"

Meanwhile, Nick also talked about seeing his mum on Mother's Day and revealed she asked if Rita was still dating Calvin Klein.

He said: "My mum has been spreading the rumour that you've been dating Calvin Klein and not Calvin Harris."

Rita, who has been with the DJ on/off for a year, laughed and replied: "Imagine Klein being a DJ, in boxers, throwing them about."

- Bang Showbiz

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