Road safety for matriculants

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18 October 2013

Young inexperienced drivers are the most at risk

Young drivers have the highest fatality risk of all age groups. And recently graduated matriculants are some of the most vulnerable young drivers because they’ve had their licences only for a short time.

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More responsible behaviour from young drivers is therefore vital. Fatal crashes by young drivers often take place around the time of their matric dance and post-matric road trip vacation.

With the impending holiday season this is a vital time for young drivers to be reminded of the dangers of the road and the necessary responsibility that comes with driving. The distraction and excitement that comes with the newfound freedom after completing matric finals could easily impair an inexperienced driver’s abilities and cause them to be involved a fatal crash.

When driving there are no safe levels of alcohol or drugs use - even a single drink doubles a driver’s crash risk.

Parents can set an example for young drivers by making a point of never drinking and driving – not even after one drink. While a zero alcohol level is unpopular with many people, the facts speak for themselves. And during the holiday season road fatalities increase and safe driving practices are even more crucial.

But alcohol isn’t the only cause of impairment. Driving when you’re ill or fatigued or on medication that causes drowsiness or distraction could also cause an accident. So it’s essential you stop driving until you’ve rested or feel better, or let someone else get behind the wheel. When it comes to road trips parents should ensure their children understand the importance of sharing the driving. It’s essential to be fresh and alert when taking the wheel. Inexperienced drivers should also be discouraged from driving at night as there’s a higher risk of crashes when it’s dark. -Faiza Mallick (@MsFaiza) Extra source: Automobile Association of South Africa (AA)

Picture: Flickr - Steve Spinks

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