Road test: Chev Cruze

By admin
27 January 2010

Despite dark times for the motor trade the family sedan segment is making babies like bunnies this year.

There’s a new Renault, a Fiat, a Mazda, a Kia and now a new Chevrolet, called the Cruze.

But this Chevy ain’t no tobacco-spittin’ redneck. It’s made in Korea and spec-for-Rand it’s a far better buy than the humdrum Toyota Corolla.

Cars in this class are all suburban or rental fleet fodder and their family-friendly nature makes it hard to be excited about them.

The Cruze’s current 1,6 and 1,8 engine line-up could do with some more puff but the diesel (due next year) should sort that out. Still, being bigger, better-looking and more spacious it easily holds its own against its competitors. - Braam Peens

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