Rob wants to stay single

By Kirstin Buick
29 May 2013

Robert Pattinson wants to stay single for a long time and has no plans to make the most of his new bachelor status by sleeping around.

Robert Pattinson doesn't want to sleep around.

The Twilight Saga heart-throb, who recently ended his relationship with Kristen Stewart after more than four years together ? has reportedly told friends he has no desire to make the most of his new bachelor status and wants to stay single for a long time.

A source told, "As for other girls, he isn't sleeping with anyone yet because he likes to have an emotional connection first."

When he does decide he’s ready to move on from the 23-year-old brunette beauty, the 27-year-old British star will be looking for a different type of girl.

The source said, "His type now is definitely blonde ? it looks like he's moving as far away from K-Stew as possible."

Despite the couple managing to patch things up after a two-month break following Kristen's "momentary indiscretion" with married director Rupert Sanders last year, it’s thought their relationship is over for good this time after Robert was recently spotted moving his belongings out of her home in Los Feliz, where they both lived over the past few months.

Friends close to Robert previously claimed it will take him a while to move on from Kristen and they can't see him dating another girl any time soon because he thinks most women are just after him for the fame.

An insider recently said, "He's scared of meeting anyone new. So many people are after him for the wrong reasons."

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