Robert Kardashian says he was joking about having a son

By admin
04 July 2014

Kardashian brother Robert had Twitter abuzz after he’d posted a mysterious tweet referring to his son. But it turns out he wasn't serious (or is he trying to throw us off the scent?!).

In the tweet, Robert said how happy he was his son could be with him for the Independence Day celebrations on 4 July and that he couldn’t wait to watch the firework displays with his “little man”.

PHOTO: twitter PHOTO: twitter

This isn’t the first time Robert has had people speculating he may have a son. In 2009, he chatted to reality show star Nicole Richie about his son on Twitter, but deleted the comments minutes later.

In 2013, he also posted a photograph of himself on Instagram and dedicated it to his son in the caption, but also removed it minutes later.

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