Robin Williams’ children and widow ‘reach estate settlement’

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05 October 2015

Late comedian Robin Williams’ children have reportedly reached an accord with the star’s widow Susan Schneider regarding his estate.

The Birdcage legend committed suicide at the age of 63 in his Marin County, California, home in August 2014.

Since Robin’s death his children from previous marriages, Zachary (32) Zelda (26) and Cody (23) have been embroiled in a legal battle with Susan over the star’s estate assets.

'She gets to stay in the house as Robin wanted'

But BBC News reports Robin’s surviving relatives have now agreed on a settlement.

Susan’s attorney James Wagstaffe told the Associated Press the agreement will allow her to remain in the home she shared with Robin, which was a huge bone of contention throughout the case.

"Susan gets to enforce Robin's wishes. She gets to stay in the house as Robin wanted, with the trust being created to pay the expenses," Wagstaffe explained.

Lawyer Meredith Bushnell, who represented Zachary, Zelda and Cody throughout proceedings, noted the children are elated the legal battle is over.

“I think they're just very happy to have this behind them,” she said.

Specific details of the estate settlement have not been disclosed and the agreement will be finalised when a judge signs off on the deal.

Previous reports claimed the family members were arguing over what to do with his expensive bike collection, artwork, books and the property he owns.

TMZ noted avid cycler Robin spent over a million dollars on the sport and he owned dozens of bicycles at the time of his death. Some of them are extremely rare and worth tens of thousands of dollars each.

Apparently Robin’s children asserted throughout the legal battle over his estate that the Mrs. Doubtfire star was very clear on what to do with the property, as he provided clear instructions to trustees and outlined his wishes in detail in his will.

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