Robots run futuristic hotel in Japan

By admin
18 July 2015

This is more proof that robots are taking over the world.

At a new hotel in Japan you’re not welcomed at the reception desk by a (hopefully) friendly person. Instead you’re welcomed by a slightly scary dinosaur robot. The new Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, uses robots to do things human staff do in other hotels. There are two robots at reception – one speaks English and the other Japanese. There’s also one to carry your bags. The dinosaur robot speaks English and the woman robot speaks Japanese.

The futuristic hotel also makes use of face-recognition technology instead of keys or cards to open your hotel room door. In your room you will find a fat little robot about the size of a bedlamp that answers simple questions such as “What is the time?” and “What will the weather be like tomorrow?” It can also switch the lights on or off on demand.

Hideo Sawada, the businessman in charge of the hotel, which forms part of an amusement park, says they use robots to improve efficiency, cut costs and make use of new technology.

Spending a night in the hotel isn’t expensive either. A room for the night costs about R1 000.

Fortunately the hotel uses human staff to keep out chancers who just want to test the new technology.

Sources: New York Times, Al Jazeera, RT News

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