Rod Stewart: I’m running out of time

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25 October 2015

Rod Stewart feels as if he’s “running out of time” when it comes to songwriting due to his advanced age.

The 70-year-old musician has been active in the entertainment industry since 1961 and he was enjoying the height of his fame during the 1970s, a decade in which he released classic hit Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Rod is currently promoting his 29th studio album Another Country, which is due to reach shelves 23 October.

'That makes you look back at the past and that’s what I’ve brought out in some songs'

And while penning tunes for the LP, Rod had a number of awakenings about how his age impacts the creative process.

“I realised I’ve had quite a wonderful life and there was a lot to write about,” he told British newspaper The Sun. “As you grow older, you become aware that you’re running out of time. That makes you look back at the past and that’s what I’ve brought out in some songs.

“I feel as if it’s a gift to still be making records and to have them sell rather well.

“I like to think I’m making pretty current music.”

But just because he’s getting older doesn’t mean Rod isn’t still achieving major strides with his professional capabilities.

On his new track Please, Rod hit an incredibly high note that would make jaws drop in astonishment.

“Some note that, innit?” he smiled in reference to the tune. “It came about as a pure accident.

“With me, writing songs is very freeform. You never know how they are going to come about.

“I hit that note and everyone around me said, ‘Let’s base the whole song around that note’.

“I’m still not quite comfortable with it because it’s a cross between a falsetto and a full voice, so I have to keep practising.”

Rod wouldn’t trade his occupation for the world, as he loves making music.

If he were offered one of the highest positions a human being can take professionally, it would be unlikely to steer him away from singing.

“The Pope’s got a pretty good job but he doesn’t get to wiggle his hips and have three or four glasses of wine after a show,” Rod winked.

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