Rooney vs Messi

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20 May 2011

Manchester United and Barcelona – No 1 in England and Spain respectively – face off again for the title of European champions at London’s Wembley Stadium on 28 May.

The hugely hyped match will see two of the world’s best players square off: Man U’s Wayne Rooneyand Barca’s Lionel Messi.

Rooney had a shaky start to the UK’s 2010-11 Premier League season and threatened to leave United.

But manager Sir Alex Ferguson talked him out of it and ‘‘Roo’’ returned to top form in the second half of the season. He’s been buoyed by Man U’s clinching of the Premier League title – for a record 19th time.

Rooney has the workhorse fighting spirit English fans love. South Americans may revere technique and wizardry but the English rely on strength and resolve, which Rooney has tons of.

‘‘I’m not surprised by how Wayne is doing,’’ veteran Man U teammate Ryan Giggs says. ‘‘The top players perform when the trophies are about to be handed out. They produce moments of inspiration when it matters.’’

But Barca’s Lionel Messi is also on football fans’ lists of the world’s best players.

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola will be hoping the Argentine’s reputation as a goalscoring machine will help them win the Champions League title again, after their 2-0 drubbing of Man U in 2009.

One of Messi’s greatest skills is holding on to the ball. He works hard to win it back when he loses it and can play in any position if necessary.

But he’s at his most dangerous when he’s close to the goal – his header in the 2009 final clinched the Champions League title for Barca.

‘‘He lives to play every second, every minute, every match,’’ says Josep Minguella, the agent who discovered him.

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