Roxy's making waves

By admin
08 March 2011

The trailer for her new movie, Blue Crush 2, was recently released.

“I watched it the other day. The movie is set in South Africa, from Durban to Jeffery’s Bay. My character is called Acapulco Goldie. She’s this hippy surfer. The main character is an American girl who comes to South Africa and then joins my ‘surf-family’.”

She has another movie in the pipelines.

“It’s a South African-based movie being made by production companies from New Zealand and America, but it’s still in the process of being made.”

Asked if acting is her new calling, Roxy replied: “It’s not my main priority, but if more acting opportunities come my way, I will definitely take them.

“If doors open up to me, I will walk through them.”

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