Royal childhood revealed

By Kirstin Buick
25 July 2014

Heart-warming home movie gives a rare glimpse into the lives of the Windsor children.

It looks as though the royals do know how to have fun! A newly released home movie, cobbled together from reels of footage taken by the Windsor family themselves has given the world a peek into the what Prince Charles, Princess Anne and even the Queen were like growing up.

The footage shows Prince Philip fooling around on a tiny toy tricycle with his children,  Elizabeth dancing with her mother when she was still a girl, and little Prince Charles, all dressed up in a smart red uniform, proudly banging away on a toy drum. The movie was released as part of the new Royal Childhood exhibition at Buckingham Palace, which shows photographs, toys and other memorabilia that show the childhood of 25 young royals, spanning nine generations. Take a look at the heart-warming video:


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