Royal designer explains the Queen's 'classic' style

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14 March 2016

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is very knowledgeable about clothes, according to her designer Stewart Parvin.

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, was recently lauded by GQ for his fashion sense, ranking number 12 on the British magazine’s best dressed men list, and Stewart insists his spouse is equally as stylish.

“The Queen is hugely knowledgeable about clothes, as she has always had them made for her," he smiled to Britain’s Hello! magazine. "She has a very distinctive style that has evolved over time.”

The Queen has been channelling a much sleeker style in recent years, and often sticks to block colour ensembles. When creating clothes fit for a queen, Stewart’s aim is to keep things classic.

“I tried to keep the designs very simple and tailored while keeping them contemporary,” he explained. “We wanted to make her as young and as glamorous looking as possible while keeping it suitable for the roles she has to fulfil.”

His hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed, and earlier this month his employer bestowed upon him a regal honour, and Stewart was made a Member of the Royal Victorian order.

“It never occurred to me. I’m hugely humbled, very grateful, and very proud to receive it,” he confessed.

Stewart started dressing the Queen in 2000, and one of his first commissions was a wardrobe of cocktail dresses and suits for her 2002 Golden Jubilee trip to Jamaica.

“We were approached by her office as to whether I would like to do some things and of course I was very flattered,” he recalled. "We produced some sketches for them, which fortunately they were very happy with.

“The first time I went to the Palace I wasn’t nervous as it was so surreal. The second time I was more nervous, but the Queen has an amazing ability to put you at your ease. She is so charming. She meets many new people every day who are all anxious about meeting her, so that is her natural default setting no matter who you are.”

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