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29 August 2013

Our royal blogger gets to grip with some of the rumours doing the rounds: Is Andrew remarrying Fergie and will the Middletons be moving in with Catherine and William at Kensington Palace?

With the latest flurry of royal rumours I almost feel like heading for Darling, in the Western Cape, wandering among the wildflowers, picking a daisy, pulling off the leaves one by one and saying, “Harry is getting engaged; No he’s not. Andrew is going to remarry Fergie; No he’s not. The Middletons are to get their own flat in the Cambridges’ new quarters in Kensington Palace. No they’re not.”

You see, August is a dry month for royal news. It’s the month that Queen Elizabeth takes her annual leave at Balmoral in the Scottish Highlands and the rest of the royals are rarely seen in public.

So every scrap of “news” is often built up into a big story, usually with little substance. I keep an eye on the doings of the royals and you can speculate until you’re blue in the face, but nothing is official until it’s been released through one of the official channels – Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace or Clarence House.


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That being so, reports such as the one about Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, remarrying almost caused great excitement – until I realised, a-ha, it’s August.

Royal watchers agree that Andrew couldn’t remarry Sarah while his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, is alive. Prince Philip has never forgiven his former daughter-in-law for the scandals she brought upon the British royals. She didn’t even receive an invitation to William and Catherine’s wedding.

At the beginning of August the queen, who’s always had a soft spot for Sarah (Fergie), invited the Yorks to Balmoral for a visit. Prince Andrew, Fergie and their two daughters, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, all spent a weekend in the Scottish Highlands. One person was conspicuously absent – Prince Philip, who was at Sandringham recovering from exploratory abdominal surgery.

Prince Philip is currently with the queen at Balmoral and everyone is waiting to see if Prince William and Catherine will accept the queen’s invitation to visit, seeing that Prince Philip hasn’t yet met his great-grandson. There were rumours that the Cambridges had gone to Balmoral last weekend but earlier this week Catherine was seen outside the shop Waitrose, in Anglesey in Wales, pushing her shopping trolley to her car. Naturally she was back to her pre-pregnancy figure.


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But back to the Yorks, who recently gathered for Princess Beatrice’s 25th birthday. It was generally expected she and her long-time boyfriend, Dave Clark (who works for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic), would announce their engagement during her birthday party, but there’s still no engagement ring on her left hand.

Beatrice’s wedding would be one event that Fergie, despite the scandals of the past, would not be excluded from. And Andrew has always been loyal to his ex-wife. Every time she got into financial trouble that made front-page news in Britain he paid off her debts. But there’s not much he can do about her damaged reputation.

The fact remains, both Fergie and Andrew saw their daughters’ upbringing as their main task and spent most of their divorced life living under one roof to provide their daughters with a happy home. And any parent would be proud of both princesses. Despite her dyslexia Beatrice obtained a university degree, and as a child Eugenie suffered from scoliosis and had to have a back operation at the age of 12. Although the young women don’t do full-time service as senior royals, they’re ready to occasionally do royal service on their own or with the queen.

Their dress has improved drastically in the past few years (after Andrew hired a stylist to help them make fashion choices), especially after Beatrice’s strange hat drew so much criticism at William and Catherine’s wedding. But Beatrice managed this fashion error in a feet-on-the-ground way. She had the hat auctioned in aid of charity and so turned a negative experience into something positive.


An article in Point de Vue, 6 March 2013

Princess Beatrice’s love-life isn’t the only one causing a buzz in royal circles. Prince Harry has been dating mode and socialite Cressida Bonas for more than a year, and many British newspapers announced that he’s about to marry the leggy blonde.

What further stoked the rumour mill was Harry’s visit to Angola in aid of the Halo Trust, which works to remove landmines. He combined his visit with a safari in Botswana with Cressida. The next minute rumoured wedding bells were ringing. And it didn’t help matters that William asked Catherine to marry him during a safari in Kenya.

The one thing Harry hopefully learnt from William is to spend a good, long time getting to know your future wife. Although Harry’s future wife won’t be expected to be as stylish as Catherine she’ll nevertheless have to fit in – or end up like Fergie.


Catherine, William and baby George

The  Cambridges have seldom been seen in public and granny Carole is believed to be in Anglesey at the moment, where she’s helping with the care of her first grandchild and all the packing.

The couple will soon move into their new living quarters in the Kensington Palace complex. And British Sunday newspaper reports aren’t true; no private annexe is being planned for Carole and Michael Middleton at the palace.

Although William and Catherine’s new home comprises a comfortable 21 rooms and provision has been made for a guest room or two, there is no separate flat for the Middletons.


Saturday, 31 August, is the 16th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. With new allegations that the accident in which she, Dodi al-Fayed and the driver, Henri Paul, died was more than just an accident, and the imminent release of the film, Diana, fans should steel themselves for a few “exclusive” Diana stories.

-   Arlene Prinsloo

Arlene Prinsloo is an ardent royalist, national content coordinator at Digital News: Media24 News and YOU’s royal blogger.

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