Royals galore: Queen Liz’s lunch

By admin
25 May 2011

It was the biggest gathering of royalty since her coronation in 1953 – proof that Queen Elizabeth may be 86 but she can still pull a crowd.

Car after gleaming car drove slowly down the road towards Windsor Castle, each vehicle bearing a head of state from all around the world.

The queen, with husband Prince Philip by her side, was there to welcome each one – ably supported by her children, grandchildren and members of the extended royal family.

The visitors were all invited for lunch at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, followed by drinks and a three-course dinner at Buckingham Palace in London.

The occasion was another celebration in honour of the reigning British monarch’s Diamond Jubilee and 12 queens, eight princesses, an emir and a lone empress arrived along with 12 kings, one emperor, a grand duke and a sultan.

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