RPatz: Acting isn't that cool

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06 July 2015

Robert Pattinson thinks it's cooler to be a waiter than an actor.

The British star made his name in the Twilight franchise, playing lead vampire Edward Cullen, and has worked almost constantly since then. But the actor has seen a change in the up-and-coming talents currently out there. The biggest difference for the 29-year-old is that not everyone is an aspiring thespian these days.

"It's changed a little bit now. Since I've become an actor, most people don't want to admit it. When I was just auditioning absolutely everyone was. It's crazy. But when you get to a certain point, no-one really wants to admit it anymore. People just want to say they're a waiter! That's way cooler! I'm not trying to be an actor, I just want to be waiter for the rest of my life," Robert smiled to Total Film.

'I just want to be waiter for the rest of my life'

This isn't the case for Robert though, and he has three new films coming out before the end of the year. One of these is Life, which tells the true story of photographer Dennis Stock and his iconic shots of James Dean.

Robert plays Dennis and gets to experience life from the other side of the lens. However, his global pinup status makes him more like James.

"In the movie, anyway, [James] had a very specific idea of what he wanted his life to be, and was disillusioned before it had even started happening. All my experience... I had no idea what was going on when Twilight first started taking off. When we were doing interviews, I'd never done a press junket. I was like, 'What?' You just sit in a room and talk sh*t for eight hours! I was telling jokes. And every day my manager was getting calls from the studio going, 'You have to tell him to shut up!' Also, I had nothing to lose," he explained.

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