Ruan Pienaar weds

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15 January 2010

The drizzle has been falling over the Tala Private Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal for a while and a light mist hangs low over the grasslands where a herd of blue wildebeest move around restlessly.

Bok flyhalf RUAN PIENAAR (25) also shifts uneasily in the stone chapel overlooking this scene as he waits for the woman he’s been dating for the past six years.

The soft rain pitter-patters on the huge marquee tent sheltering the 165 guests - including many well-known rugby players - who have come to watch Ruan marry his dream girl, MONIQUE NEL (24).

The moment the beautiful bride appears at the end of the aisle overwhelms the tough rugby star, and a tear trickles down his cheek.

But there are no tears for Monique. “I just want to smile. This is the happiest moment of my life,” she told us earlier. After all, she has known for six years Ruan was the man she would marry - and today is the day he’ll finally slip a wedding ring on her finger.

“Did you see Jesus has showered us with rain confetti,” she says after the ceremony. “We are so blessed.”

For the past six months Monique has had to do all the wedding planning on her own as Ruan worked his kicking magic for the Springboks across South Africa and Europe. But he was consulted for all the really important decisions by e-mail, SMS and Skype.

He hated having to leave her to do all the organising on her own, Ruan says. He couldn’t even keep the honeymoon a secret as Monique had to make the bookings for the trip to Phuket and Phi Phi islands in Thailand.

But the wedding and honeymoon aren’t what it’s about for these two; it’s about the promises they’re making to God and each other.

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