Russian beauty guru creates jaw-dropping transformations – using only make-up

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09 April 2016

This Russian make-up artist is the fairy godmother to her clients’ Cinderella – no "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" required.

While, Goar Avetisyan prefers make-up brushes to magic wands, she manages to make her clients feel like princess with their new look.


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The 22-year-old from Moscow is a make-up artist and a hair stylist who regularly posts mind-blowing before and after videos of her clients’ make-overs – as a result, she has over 2 million following on Instagram.


The transformation videos feature women who have scarring on their faces, skin problems like acne as well as a woman who had permanently tattooed her eyebrows.

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She spends about two-and-a-half hours on each client, many of whom are brides-to-be, but the stylist says she delights in helping regain their confidence.

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“I can't even explain this feeling when you do a makeover for somebody and you make this person happy and more self-confident,” she gushed in a recent post. “You help the person love themselves more.”


Goar also loves letting wannabe make-up artists in on her secrets too – check out her YouTube channel for some very clever tutorials.

Sources: MailOnline, Mashable


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