Ryan Gosling and his girlfriend expecting

By Mieke Vlok
10 July 2014

This child has the potential to be one of the most beautiful beings on the planet.

Women around the world can reach for their tissues – heartthrob Ryan Gosling and his girlfriend, Eva Mendes, are expecting a baby.

According to OK Magazine, Eva, with whom 33-year-old Ryan has had a relationship since  2011, is seven months pregnant. A source close to Eva says she’s been ready to have a baby for quite some time.

Eva (40) and Ryan started dating after apppearing together in the movie, The Place Behind the Pines.

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper has reported that people began to suspect Eva was pregnant when she refused to go through a scanning machine at an airport earlier this year.

Ryan and Eva haven’t made any official comment on the news report.

The source that spoke to OK Magazine says Ryan is ready to be a good, hands-on dad because he grew up without one.

The internet was abuzz immediately after the news was published.

One Gosling fan asked on Twitter, “Can I take tomorrow off from work. I need a day to work through my feelings.” Another fan tweeted, “Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are going to have a baby. The sound you’ve just heard is women all over the world starting to cry incessantly.”

Now that the couple are expecting, wedding bells might be heard soon, even though Ryan doesn’t believe he and Eva should marry just because she’s pregnant. Eva believes it’s important that their lives should be completely united, according to the source.

Perhaps women worldwide will be weeping again – when Eva and Ryan marry.

Sources: OK Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald, Daily Mail, Twitter.

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