Ryan Gosling’s duct tape boots

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05 April 2015

Ryan Gosling wears the same boots “every single day”, says Christina Hendricks.

The 34-year-old actor makes his directorial debut on the upcoming Lost River, which Mad Men actress Christina stars in.

And speaking about working alongside new father Ryan, Christina admitted she was somewhat surprised by his dress sense.

'He seems to wear the same boots every single day'

“He seems to wear the same boots every single day,” Christina told MTV News. “So long that now he just wears silver duct tape around them. I think he can afford new shoes, but you wouldn’t know it.”

Christina is likely to be seen in more movie roles in the next few years thanks to her hit show Mad Men coming to an end after seven seasons.

As well as Lost River, she can also been seen starring in the upcoming Dark Places – based on a novel from Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn.

The book tells the tale of a family murdered by a satanic cult, with Christina appearing in flashbacks as the mother of Charlize Theron’s character.

And Christina said she is thrilled that the film has remained as true as possible to her book.

“A lot of people are fans of Flynn’s work, and it’s definitely true to her book,” Christina said. “It’s very suspenseful. It’s beautifully shot, and Charlize is great in it. I actually play her mother, in flashbacks. I’m a mother, and a farmer, trying to provide for my children, and I’ve got a messed-up husband who is messing with our family. It’s dark, I’m excited.”

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