Ryan Reynolds: Childbirth would've done me damage

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15 March 2015

Ryan Reynolds is glad he didn't give birth to his baby as it would have been "very hard on his penis".

The 38-year-old actor and his wife Blake Lively's daughter was born in December, but at the moment they haven't confirmed her name.

Ryan's spoken extensively about becoming a father, now revealing it has completely altered the way he views the world.

"I was going to say sugar cereal makes me feel truly alive. But, actually, I would say having a baby – that’ll do it. Well, I didn’t have it, my wife did. It would have been very hard on my penis if I’d had it," he told Shortlist magazine.

'It would have been very hard on my penis if I’d had it'

In his latest movie The Voices Ryan plays Jerry, who hears his pets talking to him and uses their advice when pursuing his crush.

The credits feature him busting some moves and he also had to sing, both of which terrified him.

"I can’t follow choreography. It’s like I have a significant head injury when people start trying to tell me where to step or how to do it. But the singing terrified me the most," he explained.

"Marjane [Satrapi, director] would laugh [at me] with her weird expression, saying I looked like 'cold yoghurt' as I walked in to record my part. I had a flop sweat, I was desperately pale – it looked like I was going in for a very aggressive prostate exam."

Although the movie obviously touches on mental health issues, Ryan is clear that he didn't do any research. He doesn't want to misrepresent the shoot and feels it would be "irresponsible" to pretend he'd studied more than he had. The star also didn't practice scenes before the cameras started rolling.

"Marjane suggested rehearsing, even though she hates rehearsing, so we got together and spent ten minutes doing that, then I watched her smoke about 600 cigarettes and we abandoned the idea," he said.

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