Ryan Reynolds in mourning

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29 October 2015

Actor Ryan Reynolds has paid tribute to his dad on social media after he passed away.

The Proposal star took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the sad news that James C. Reynolds died on Sunday following a 20-year battle with Parkinson's disease. He also asked fans if they could donate to Michael J. Fox's foundation in support of research and treatment of the disease.

'Witnessing my Dad suffer over the years galvanized my need to step up'

"RIP Pops," he wrote. "James C. Reynolds. 1941-2015".

In 2008, Reynolds opened up about his father's struggle with the disease in an article he wrote for The Huffington Post explaining why he was running the New York City marathon.

"I've watched my father - a strong and proud person who successfully raised (four) arguably insane children - slowly, cruelly stripped of his independence," he wrote. "His golden years robbed without explanation. It quite obviously sucks. Witnessing my Dad suffer over the years galvanized my need to step up...

"One of the reasons I chose RUNNING specifically, was because... my competition is the most formidable foe of all; ME. The person I have to beat is the guy I was last week. The person I was yesterday. Indescribably worse, those affected by Parkinson's wage a similar war in their own bodies every single day. Unlike a marathon, their struggle won't end in a shallow pool of vomit just outside Tavern on the Green while waiting for an ambulance. They continue day in and day out, silently battling away in the most personal of struggles..."

Ryan chose Back to the Future star Michael’s foundation for donations as the actor has been working on finding a cure for the disease since it was founded in 2000. The 54 year old was diagnosed with the condition in 1991 and made the news public in 1998. He was forced to semi-retire from acting due to worsening symptoms but regularly gives talks to raise awareness.

“Once I made my diagnosis known, it’s been a tremendous opportunity and a tremendous privilege,” Michael told The Today Show in a joint interview with Ryan in November last year (14).

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