Ryan Reynolds: My daughter’s an amazing creature

By admin
07 July 2015

Ryan Reynolds thinks his daughter James is the most amazing creature he’s ever seen.

The Proposal actor welcomed his little girl with wife Blake Lively in December last year. The 38-year-old is loving being a dad, and admits James is the centre of his universe.

“Everybody thinks their son or daughter is God's gift to air. And in their home, they are," he told HuffPost Live."When I'm in my private moments, I look at my daughter and go, 'You are the most amazing creature I've ever seen in my life.'"

'Everybody thinks their son or daughter is God's gift to air'

However Ryan insists he isn’t going to be one of those parents that shares constant updates about their offspring on social media. In fact, the actor is trying to distance himself from his phone in general so he doesn’t get too obsessed with it.

“It's easy [to tweet] when you’re shooting, because it's the old hurry up and wait philosophy," he continued. "It's a little dangerous, because you used to sit back and read a book [in between takes], and now you've got this thing in your face. I'm as guilty of it as anyone else. I have a little daughter now, and I'm trying to not have [my phone] around."

Despite being a parent himself, Ryan admits he does get annoyed by other mothers and fathers who constantly brag about their children.

“[It's] sort of annoying to [tweet about your child] publicly, so I usually go the other way, and write silly jokes about how my daughter's terrible with her art," he added. "I had a friend who said 'my kid is 2, and already quoting Chekov,' and I was like 'your kid's a genius, and probably an a**hole.'"

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