Ryan Reynolds: There’s zero secret about my kid

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16 March 2015

Ryan Reynolds has revealed the reason as to why he and wife Blake Lively have yet to announce their baby’s name.

The 38-year-old actor and his 27-year-old spouse welcomed their daughter in December last year.

However, the couple have remained resolutely private about their child – refusing to reveal her moniker or even the exact date of her birth.

'When you put yourself in the public eye you have to accept certain aspects of it'

And in a new interview, Ryan insists there is a reason to their thinking.

"There's zero secret about it," he said in an interview with Associated Press. "That little girl will grow up to be a teenager who will find out that I blurted her name out on national television and probably make me pay for it. She will exact her revenge in searing, psychic pain.”

Ryan and Blake became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples when they started dating in 2011. They married in September 2012.

The pair have always tried to maintain as much privacy in their lives as possible.

But Ryan said he understands that their jobs mean there is a lot of interest in them.

"When you put yourself in the public eye you have to accept certain aspects of it," he said.

However, while Ryan said he’s accepted that he “signed up for this” so has to embrace all aspects of his fame, he admits that he and Blake will continue to try and keep their lives as private as possible in the future.

“I think to some degree if you don't court it you don't have to deal with it so much,” he said.

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