Ryan Seacrest expanding brand to feature 'lifewear'

20 March 2017

Ryan Seacrest is adding "lifewear" to his Distinction clothing line.

The American TV personality launched his brand with department store Macy’s back in 2014 and as part of an expansion, Seacrest is adding more relaxed garments, which he has dubbed “lifewear”, to the line in September. Items include outerwear, wovens and knits.

“Lifewear is inspired by how I live,” the star told WWD. “Our fall collection is an interpretation of how I actually dress these days. I may wear a blazer over a T-shirt or denim button-down shirt, or a more casual pant with a dress shirt and tie, or jeans with a sport coat with sneakers.

“(I want to provide men with) more freedom and flexibility in their dressing because that’s where our culture is today. Everything needs to go together effortlessly. The Ryan Seacrest Distinction collection pieces are easy and comfortable, in addition to be being carefully tailored.”

According to Seacrest’s team, his label has been the strongest menswear brand to launch at Macy’s for over a decade, and the retailer’s executive vice president of men’s and kids, Karin Darmanin, praised the new pieces for being so versatile.

“Ryan Seacrest is the definition of a modern man, building a multimedia empire all while impeccably dressed,” Darmanin added.

This isn’t the first time Seacrest has put sportswear on the market; to celebrate hosting the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil, last year he launched a collection to tie in with the athletic event. It was this venture that partly inspired him to jump into the world of lifewear, as did the addition of creative director Matteo Gottardi to Distinction, who joined six months ago.

“We designed the line with a nod to the traditional, everyday staples that men have grown up seeing their fathers wearing, but adding a provocative or sartorial twist,” Gottardi explained, noting the lifewear pieces are designed to be worn with a more formal blazer.

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