Ryk and fiancée Sahar share idyllic beach snaps from Maldives getaway

By Jana van der Merwe
13 April 2016

It's a tough life for soon-to-be spouses Ryk and Sahar.

She looks like a goddess standing on tippy toes on a deck, dressed in a bright orange swimming costume suit, with the magical turquoise hues of the Maldives ocean forming an exquisite backdrop behind her.


In the next photo from Sahar Biniaz and her swimming legend fiancé Ryk Neethling’s idyllic holiday she’s on her toes again. But this time she’s on a yacht.


“Amazing food, can't stop eating. Love the Maldives,” the former Miss Universe Canada declared on her Facebook page on Tuesday alongside pics of decadent desserts, French loaves and an assortment of tropical fruit.


But the active couple are apparently managing to stay in shape regardless of such feasting, judging by how trim Sahar looks in her bikini and her beloved Ryk, his muscled torso bare, in a teeny Speedo, when they snorkel daringly past a reef shark and other spectacular other marine life.


The couple couldn’t be more relaxed as Sahar is when she’s later seen walking at the sunset or they lounge around in their nude dressing gowns in the resort’s spa.


It’s obvious from the posts of friends that they all long to be where Sahar is now. Most people can only dream about the Indian Ocean destination or maybe experience it once in a lifetime on honeymoon. It must be great to be Ryk!


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